Repro. Health, Teen Pregnancy, HIV
A one-pager on how traditional femininity and masculinity negatively impact reproductive health, HIV, and teen pregnancy outcomes.

Gender-Based Violence
A one-pager on how traditional masculinity (and femininity) contribute to gender-based, homophobic and intimate partner violence.
Bullying & Harassment
A one-pager on how middle-school bullying and sexual/homophobic harassment in based on policing masculinity and femininity.

Science, Math & Technology
A one-pager on middle-school girls' need to choose between being feminine and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

School Push-outs & Drop-outs
A one-pager on how urban masculinity conflicts with school disciplinary and contributes to academic under-achievement. 

Civic Engagement
 A one-pager on how the gender lens can make civic engagement and ssue-based organizing more effective by
 reconnecting race, class and gender.

Because challenging gender norms is the key to improving life outcomes for children & youth



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