Terms & Definitions

"Gender” is used in multiple contexts. Here’s a quick guide:

Gender Transformative

Gender transformative programs and policies highlight, challenge and ultimately change harmful norms of masculinity and femininity.

Gender Norms

Socially-constructed ideals, scripts, and expectations for how to be a woman or a man; in sex—as in partner violence—they determine who does what, to whom, when, and how.

Gender Expression

How we express feeling feminine and masculine through dress, hair and adornment.

Gender Traits

Physical or personal characteristics commonly considered feminine or masculine (e.g., hairy chest or hourglass figure)

Gender Roles

Social and behavioral norms for how men and women are expected to act: being a doctor or nurse, being martial or maternal.

Gender Identity

In inner sense of being male or female, useful when discussing transgender individuals who feel a conflict between their sex and gender identity.



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