For Our Non-Profit Partners
We work closely with our non-profit partners to help make them successful by developing expertise in gender transformative work, adapting their existing curricula, collecting and analyzing data, and developing new avenues of  funding to support their new emphasis on gender norms.

1. Training 
We offer free trainings and briefings for your staff or partnering organizations on gender norms: the research, terminology, best practice and ways to implement in your own programs.

2. Curriculum Adaptation
We bring in experts to help adapt your evidence-based or promising intervention so it integrates a strong, specific focus on gender norms, along with training, manuals, technical support and all fidelity, process and outcome measures.

3. Funder Cultivation and Grant Writing 
We help you strategize new funding opportunities and partner with you on foundation approach, cultivation, LOI writing and grant development and submission.

4. Data Collection & Analysis
We help you create and implement tools for collecting data on program outcomes, and then bring in statistics experts to conduct the analysis and write-up.




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