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Young Black Women & Gender Norms
3/30/2012 1:52:14 PM
Scyatta is featured in the December issue of Essence Magazine (on newsstands shortly) in an article – titled "Colorstruck" – which not only addresses the important issue of Colorism, but also details a lot of negative gender stereotypes about young Black women and girls.
For instance, the interview cites Scyatta's federally funded study (published in the Journal of Women's Health "Gold Diggers, Video Vixens, and Jezebels: Stereotype Images and Substance Use Among Urban African American Girls” and some of its alarming findings:
Almost half of the girls agreed with statements such as:
  • Straightened hair looks better than natural hair
  • Black girls are loud and have an attitude
  • Having long hair gives you a better appearance
  • Black girls are mad and ready to fight
Almost a quarter of the girls agreed with statements like:
  • Black girls are gold-diggers
  • Black girls use sex to get what they want
  • It's important to have good hair
You can check it the full interview with Dr. Wallace at once it’s posted.
 In the meantime, thank you again for supporting us so we can continue to do this important work!
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