Philanthropy That Transforms Gender Norms

Gender Transformative Philanthropy [REPORT]
A new report on the growing interest in giving that challenges rigid gender norms and increases gender equity for a better return on philanthropic investment in at-risk communities.

Resources, Reports, and Toolkits
A guide to the major recent reports and studies on increasing gender equity and addressing gender norms in philanthropy and programmatic efforts.

Gender Equity in Social Justice Organizing [PowerPoint]
Downloadable PowerPoint on adding a stronger gender equity lens to social justice programs and giving.

Terms & Definitions
A handy guide to common gender words and phrases.

12 Steps Funders Can Take
A downloadable one-pager of first steps that help grantees (and donors) engage a stronger gender analysis.

Gender Transformative Programs
An growing list of existing NGO and non-profit programmatic efforts that integrate a strong gender focus.



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