• Gender Transformative ABCs
  • Gender Transformative ABCs
Health & Wellness

Through support provided by the Heinz Endowments, we brought together six leading researchers to create this unique report on the impact of feminine norms on health and wellness among young Black girls. The report covers areas like Reproductive Health, Partner Violence, Obesity and Infant Mortality. And we've built an online research clearinghouse summarizing all of the key studies cited here.  

Reports We Write
As foundations and other philanthropic institutions assess how they can maximize the social return on their social investment, many are looking anew at issues of gender equity and gender norms. Developed by program officers, Gender Transformative Philanthropy will help donors promote an intersectional approach that links race, class and gender. 

Programs We Develop

Through support from The California Endowment TrueChild is partnering with the YWCA of Watsonville to adapt ¡Cuídate! (Take Care of Yourself), a CDC evidence- based program so it's more effective at combating high rates of unplanned teen pregnancy among young, at-risk Latinas. We're combining ¡Cuídate! with Promundo's well-known Program M/ujeres, which has a strong focus on challenging machista codes of femininity, to make a single, more effective curriculum.

Featured Projects

Improving Diversity
Helping leading civic engagement group increase gender diversity

Increasing STEM Achievement
Do feminine ideals mean girls can't excel at science, math?

Combating Bullying
Helping DCPS challenge gender bullying

Latest Publications

•  HIV, Safer Sex, Teen Pregnancy

•  Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

•  Health & Wellness for Black Girls
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